Why should you ask for reviews?

A personal recommendation has always been the most powerful form of ‘social proof’ for your business. When you trust and believe someone, you hold their experiences in high regard, so when a company advertises that they have the best service, the lowest prices, and the gold standard of product quality, we’re oftentimes sceptical.

After all, their marketing is selfserving. Of course they’d say that!

If your spouse, a good friend, or a trusted adviser mentions they had an amazing experience with a business, we’re far more likely to believe and trust their recommendation.

When we’re unsure about something, we look to others for validation. The greater the number of people who validate our belief (ie: that a business is trustworthy, or not), the more likely we are to accept that belief as true. This is why it's more important than ever to proactively ask for reviews.

Why it's so important to ask for reviews online

Social proof shapes how we make decisions. Asking for reviews online is the fastest way to get more people talking about your business around the internet's social watercoolers: Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, TrustPilot, TripAdvisor, ProductReview and more.

Word of mouth marketing has evolved. It’s just as powerful, but now, it’s omnipresent.

When should you ask for a review?

Asking for a review should be done at the height of the customer experience, when they're happiest with you (so you stand the highest possible chance of getting a good review, instead of a negative review). This may change from business to business:

  • Do you offer consultations?
  • Do you give out free samples?
  • Do you sell prodcucts online?
  • Do you run events?

Here are three questions that will help you determine when you should ask for a review:

  1. At what stage of the purchase journey is my customer the happiest?
  2. Will my customer be more likely to write a good review now, or later?
  3. At what point will my customer expect me to ask them for a review?

Find out what works best for your business, and then double down on the timing.

3 tips when asking customers for a review

Now you're ready to ask your customers for a review, what should you say? Put youself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself, "What would make me leave a review?"

Here are three tips:

  • Personalise your request - stand out by quickly reminding the customer about their experience with you.
  • Keep it simple - don't waste time or letters on elaborate fluff; keep it to a sentence or two.
  • Tell them what you want them to do - be specific and clear in your ask.

Best review request templates for online reviews and NPS

Asking for feedback shouldn't be difficult. Once you've nailed the timing, it's time to master the message. Here are some of our favourites.

ChartMogul's friendly, contextual approach encourages users to provide a Net Promoter Score.

SuppKings post-purchase review request asks customers to review their recent shopping experience shortly after checkout.

Luxfeel gathers feedback about their products when they send samples to customers.

Ask for reviews on Google, Facebook and other review sites

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